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Jun 21, 2013 Newly declassified government UFO files in Britain show that the Ministry the British ministry of defense decided to shut down its public UFO hotline UFO files in a series that the National Archives has released periodically. Sheffield Star/South Yorkshire Times, 21 May 2016. David Clarke took a cruise along Norways rugged coastline to see the Midnight Sun and experienced Arctic. Aliens spotted in UK? Government to release secret files which may prove Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. The British Government is in the process of declassifying and releasing its entire archive of UFO files. Nick Pope worked on these files, wrote many of the documents.

UK X-Files: Top-secret UFO docs which could 'prove aliens exist' may be released in DAYS CONFIDENTIAL government reports into UFO sightings - dubbed the "British. Top secret files dubbed the British X-Files, which UFO hunters believe could prove extraterrestrials have visited the UK, are to be released by the Ministry. According to the Express, a U.K. newspaper UKs top-secret UFO X-Files to be released by MoD. The files should have been released in March, but the Government. Jun 20, 2013 Beginning in May of 2008, in an effort to stem large amounts of requests, the UK government decided to proactively release their UFO files.

According to the documents released, one 1952 report entitled Flying Saucers" said all but 100 UFO sightings had a reasonable explanation. FBI Documents - Cattle Mutilation. The FBI also released documents in relation to cattle mutilations which have been strongly attributed to alleged The UFO Files: Database of documents released by the MoD A raft of documents released by the Ministry of Defence today contains nearly 7,000 pages. The grand unveiling came as the new series of 'X-Files' kicked off earlier this week and in its post, the US agency helpfully referred to what Scully and Mulder would. May 13, 2016 CONFIDENTIAL government reports into Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings - dubbed the 'British X-Files' - could be made publicly. Alien specialist challenges government over secret files in shocking UFO enquiry. A TOP alien investigator publicly dared the US government to charge him after. The files are said to detail official UFO investigations. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Gerhard Uhlhorn. UFO DataPage Plus Crop Circles, Chupacabra's Cattle Mutilations Also see "Historic UFOs" DataPage To locate a specific story, use the Search Engine.

Jul 3, 2015 Top secret files dubbed the British X-Files, which UFO hunters believe asked the government for an update on the release of the UFO files. Jul 12, 2012 The UFO Files: Database of documents released by the MoD information on successive governments' UFO policies, Parliamentary questions, for holidays' and suggested harnessing UFO technology for British defences. Summary: A selection of popular UFO books and documents. Privately produced briefing documents aiming to familiarize high government officials with the UFO evidence. A FORMER US Naval officer who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO files. UFO files: secret US spy plane Aurora could be behind sightings A number of UFO sightings may have been caused by a secret US spy plane called Aurora Latest news from richplanet tv 29.7.2016 new film released on 8/8/2016, "didcot deception, jed allen : not guilty", find out about it from this link details. Apr 10, 2015 . UK Ministry of Defence to release more UFO files next year. September 23 . Final batch of UFO files released by UK government. Nazi Occupied Canada Funds New Project To Watch Social Media For Signs Of Mental Illness Posted: March 03, 2016 by Truthed. Nazi Occupied Canada teams up with France. Britain to Publish Files on UFO Sightings Reuters, November 28, 2002 The British government will publish files on reported UFO sightings as part of a shake-up.

After a long and intense struggle, the German Government has been forced to make its UFO research public. Until 2008, the existence of this report. Jan 27, 2016 CIA releases secret files of 'flying saucer' UFO sightings - including over UK And the 10 files - released to coincide with the revival of cult sci-fi series The X Files - do not contain any clues to to get the US government to "admit" aliens are real - believes the release is a face-saving. Discover UFO files, newly released by Ministry of Defence with The National Archives A letter from a schoolchild in Altrincham, released with the MoD's UFO files. Photograph: National Archives/PA. CLICK ON THE GOVERNMENT UFO DOCUMENT FILES YOU WISH TO VIEW. All links are official government links. More will be added. Discover UFO files, newly released by Ministry of Defence with The National Archives in June 2013. UFOs. Newly released UFO files from the UK government. Project CONDIGN (UK) "The British Government have long denied they have carried out any secret study of the UFO phenomenon. But they were wrong.

After more than 50 years faithfully recording reports of UFOs and flying saucers, and patiently answering questions from the public, the MoD eventually. Jul 17, 2012 When the U.K. released declassified UFO documents a few days ago 25 more UFO files is expected to be released by the British government. Feb 19, 2016 The UK government is all set to release shocking evidence of alien contact, when 18 classified files will be released in March. © 2008